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How can I find images, videos, or sound files?

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Having difficulty finding images, graphics, or sound for a project or assignment?

  • First, determine the kind of image or sound you need:
    Audience clapping? A photograph? A scientific drawing? An advertisement? An artistic representation? A design? An icon or logo? What is the concept the image or sound will illustrate?
  • Answers to these questions may determine where you search.
  • The Web is a good sources for images and sound files.
    Google ( and Yahoo ( are good Web search engines for these. Both allow limiting search results to image type, or to color or black & white. Google also allows limiting by image size and to .gif, .jpeg, or .png image file formats. You can find links to specialized search engines on the Visual Communication and Music subject guides.
  • Images and sounds are usually protected by copyright. You must cite your source as with other information. Please consult a reference librarian if you have any questions

ACC Reference Librarians can assist you if you are on a campus.