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Are there group study rooms?

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Group Study Rooms are available for groups of two or more currently enrolled ACC students studying for ACC courses. Study rooms are available at these ACC Libraries -- CYP, EGN, EVC, HYS, NRG, RRC, RVS, and SAC.

General Information

  • ACC Library Services staff monitors the use of Group Study rooms.
  • If a group is discovered in a study room and has not signed up at the Reference Desk, they will be asked to register at the Reference Desk if the room is available for them.
  • Groups without a reservation will be asked to vacate the room if a reservation for the room has been made by another group.

Reserving A Group Study Room

Please read our Eligibility & Appropriate Use page for specific information about eligibility and use.

  • Reservations are recommended.
    • If a group wishes to use a room and they have not made a reservation prior to arriving at the library and there is a room available, they must check in at the Reference Desk and sign in with the librarian.
    • Staff will write one student's name on the sign-in sheet after checking ACC ID. To maintain privacy, students will not have access to the list of names on the sheet.
  • Rooms must be reserved in person by an ACC student (who is part of the group) with a valid ACC photo ID at any ACC Library Reference Desk to request a reservation at any ACC Library.
    • Note: If room availability at the other campus could not be verified immediately, the student must check back at a later time before going to that campus to use the room.
  • Rooms cannot be reserved by telephone, e-mail, IM, Twitter or chat because current ACC student IDs cannot be verified with those methods.
  • ACC students with valid ACC IDs may reserve the study room up to one week in advance. No semester-long scheduling is available.
    • During busy times of the year, students may not be able to schedule rooms on multiple days.
  • Group Study rooms are available for up to two hours at one time. More time may be requested by the group after the two hours if the room has not been requested by another group.
    • During busy times of the year, time extension may be limited to 30 minutes.
  • Group Study rooms will be held for 10 minutes past scheduled time before being reassigned to another group.

Group Study Room Conduct

  • The noise level must be kept low at all times. Library cell phone policies are enforced in Group Study rooms.
  • All doors must remain unlocked and visual access from the interior of the library remain clear and unblocked at all times
  • Students using the study rooms must abide by the library's food, drink, and tobacco policies. Violators will be asked to vacate the room.
  • Group Study rooms must be left clean and in order with all trash placed in wastebaskets, furniture returned to original location and white boards erased. Students finding rooms damaged should report the condition of the room to the Reference Desk immediately upon arrival. Students reserving the room will be responsible for any damage to the room during their stay.
  • Group Study rooms must be vacated 15 minutes prior to closing.
  • Group Study users may use available plugs for charging laptops, phones, and small electronics but may not unplug library equipment to do so.
  • Personal items should not be left unattended. Users are responsible for their personal belongings when in Group Study rooms.