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Can I search the library on my mobile phone?

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How do I access the Web site on my phone or mobile device?

All users no matter what kind of device -- phone, tablet, desktop PC -- should be able to view all pages on the Library Web Site. Just as the ACC Web Site, the pages are designed to be viewed on any size screen. The URL is the same for all devices.

How can I search for books and articles on my phone or mobile device?

If you are able to access the internet on your mobile device, type into your mobile device internet browser.

Why do the sites look so different on my phone or mobile device?

The look of the Library Web Site and the Library Search Tool (Catalog) will vary depending upon your device. All information is there but may be arranged differently depending upon the size of your screen.

What mobile devices can the sites support?

The sites support any handheld devices, PDAs or mobile phones, which provide access to the internet through the browser (like Safari or Chrome).

What can I do once I get into the Library Web Site?

You can do almost anything on your phone or mobile device that you can using a desktop computer -- Find information .. Search for Articles, etc.

What can I do once I get to the search box for books and articles?

  • You can find books, movies, music, journals, magazines, news.
  • You can search by keyword, title, author, etc., just as you would on a larger computer.
  • You can limit your search to a campus, DVDs, online resources (like e-books or streaming videos), or journals and magazines.
  • You can save records for viewing.
  • Clicking on My library account allows you to vew items checked out, renew checked out items, view fines, view and cancel book/dvd requests.

How accessible is the Library Web Site for those with a disability?

Library Web Site is designed to be accessible by all and is compliant with the U.S. government's Section 508 standards for web site accessibility. This compliance is essential for library patrons with disabilities because it makes sites more accessible with screen reading software.