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Top Ten Questions Students Ask About Library Services

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  1. Where can I get help with finding information for my paper?
    Come by the Reference Desk of any ACC library or call, email us, use our Chat service -- even after we close! Remember, we're here to help you! Need ACC phone numbers and hours? Call 512-223-3084.
  2. How do I know what books to buy and where can I buy them?
    Every campus has a bookstore with lists of textbooks,or check online at You must know the title and section number of your class - different sections may use different books! ACC's Student Life also compiles a list of online textbook vendors. The ACC Student Support Center administers a textbook lending library. You must start with a Support Center office to see if you qualify for early access to these books or get details at -- Email them at -- Student Support Center textbooks check out for one semester.
  3. What kind of books can I get at the library?
    All kinds, for class, for fun, for research or information, in print as well as electronic books... your current ACC ID card is your library card.
  4. How long can I keep something I borrowed from the library?
    All books and media in the regular circulating collection check out to students for 2 weeks. Items may be renewed for two weeks, and then renewed again twice more if no one else has requested them.
  5. Where can I use a computer on campus?
    Bring your current ACC ID to the Open Access Computer Centers (inside or near libraries) for access to workstations with office software and the Internet. Libraries have computers with the online catalog, periodical indexes, e-books, Internet, and many other resources for your research and information needs. Students can also check out iPads for two weeks at a time.
  6. Is there wireless Internet on campus that I can access?
    Yes, there are 2 different wireless networks. All campuses have a wireless network to use with your own laptop. Current students can check out laptops from each library's Checkout Desk for use inside the library on a different wireless network. You must know your current ACCeID number to access either network. You will be able to print from our library laptops, but not from your personal laptops.
  7. Can I do library research online at home?
    Almost every one of the 100+ databases and thousands of e-books are accessible from off campus by using your ACCeID to login when prompted. The library's online catalog is available without a login.
  8. Can I use the Northridge library even though I take classes at Cypress?
    Yes! We are really one library with many locations. If you see a book or a regular circulating DVD that you want to check out, but it is located at another library, you can have it sent from one campus to another. Ask at your campus library Reference Desk.
  9. How can I learn about the library and do research by working on my own?
    You can start by completing our award-winning Research Success Tutorials, linked from the library's home page. Explore other options under the "Get Help / Chat" link at
  10. Where are the libraries and what are their hours?
    Call 512-223-3084 for a list of library Reference Desk phone numbers and hours or go online to our home page at and click on Locations & Hours at the top of the page. A printable version with maps is also available.

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